The Wikimedia Foundation's "Wikidata" project aims at building a free linked database providing the data contained in Wikipedia in a structured, machine-processable format. Since the official launch of the Wikidata project in 2012, the Wikidata community has gathered and stored several hundred millions of cross-domain knowledge facts about person, places, artifacts, terms, links to Wikipedia pages, and many more.

The Wikidata knowledge graph is a valuable resource for the community and metaphacts is working in close cooperation with the Wikimedia Foundation to help others utilize the knowledge that is created within the Wikidata project.

With our metaphactory demo instance hosted on top of Wikidata, we provide a generic platform that allows customers to access the Wikidata free corpus of structured knowledge and seamlessly integrate their enterprise data with open data, thus being able to contextualize their internal knowledge and develop own, customized applications on top. The system provides different search interfaces as entry points into Wikidata's knowledge base and visualizes search results based on a comprehensive HTML5-based templating approach.
Have a look at our public demo system to experience the power of the Wikidata knowledge graph.
Wikidata Online Demo