metaphacts for Engineering and Manufacturing

metaphactory supports customers in their digitalization strategy towards intelligent engineering and manufacturing by allowing them to extend data silos with domain-specific models, connect individual data islands, and analyze the integrated data, thus transforming passive data into new, smart knowledge. It generates business value by significantly increasing transparency, reducing redundancy, improving internal processes, and reducing the time required to find and analyze information and reach smart business decisions.

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Life Sciences organizations are challenged today with significant data access problems as most of the data required to achieve their goals - for example in drug discovery pipelines - is located in numerous disparate repositories, inside and outside the company. In this context, knowledge graphs become increasingly important in the life sciences domain, to structure, access and analyze the vast amount of data and knowledge available.

Using metaphactory, pharmaceutical companies can build, manage and curate their own knowledge graph for unified data access across heterogeneous data sources. Based on our platform, customers can easily setup a one-stop portal for a wide range of knowledge sources, covering relations about diseases, drugs, side effects, and more.

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Based on its open platform metaphactory, metaphacts has developed a domain optimized solution delivering an agile application for search, annotation and visualization for humanities and cultural heritage research. The solution aims at providing a collaborative platform for humanities and cultural heritage research using knowledge representation and Semantic Web technologies. It tackles the challenges faced by art historians, curators, conservators, and scientists on a daily basis, and supports them in authoring and publishing cultural heritage data.

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