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metaphactory is the end-to-end Knowledge Graph platform for Knowledge Graph management, rapid application development and end-user oriented interaction. metaphactory makes authoring, building, curating, editing, integrating, linking, searching, and visualizing your Knowledge Graph easy, fast and affordable.

Amazon Neptune

Amazon Neptune is a new, fast, reliable and scalable graph database service. Amazon Neptune is able to query RDF data using the SPARQL query language with the speed and simplicity of a graph database, while benefiting from the scalability, security, durability, and availability of an enterprise-grade service built on AWS.

metaphactory is Amazon Neptune ready

and works on-top of this new, fully managed graph database service

metaphactory for Amazon Neptune

Knowledge Graph Management

  • Graphical SPARQL Endpoint UI for easy querying and managing of saved queries in a query catalog
  • Authoring of ontology and instance data for better model management and data quality assurance
  • User and access control mechanisms for fine-grained security

Rapid Application Development

  • Declarative components for end-user interaction, which can be set up and combined in minutes, allow for fast and agile development of applications
  • "Query as a Service" - Dynamic REST services makes metaphactory a powerful middleware layer to third party applications
  • metaphactory is a full-fledged Linked Data platform, which allows fast data integration and linking

End-user Oriented Interaction

  • Navigation, exploration, and visualization of Knowledge Graphs in an end-user friendly way
  • Authoring and editing for end users
  • Everything with a standard Web browser

Expert users, who administrate and oversee the Knowledge Graph, benefit from easier data management with metaphatory.

Developers benefit from metaphactory through fast and rapid application development.

End users profit from the Knowledge Graph technology without being exposed to any complexity, but enjoy the user-friendly interfaces and experience. They easily find the answers and data they are looking for.

The Amazon Neptune team uses metaphactory for training and tutorial sessions

metaphacts is an Amazon Technology Partner and participated in the closed beta program for Amazon Neptune. metaphactory became available for Amazon Neptune on day one of its announcement at AWS re:Invent 2017 and was used by the Amazon Neptune team for tutorials and training sessions at AWS re:Invent 2017 and beyond.

metaphacts is Amazon Technology Partner


Search with metaphactory


Visualization with metaphactory


Authoring with metaphactory

Model Management

Model Management with metaphactory
Life Sciences

One-stop portal for a wide range of knowledge sources, covering relations about diseases, drugs, side effects, etc.

Cultural Heritage

Intelligent solution for data acquisition, collaboration and data consumption for researchers, curators and art consumers.

Open Knowledge Graphs

Generic platform delivering extensible, easy-to-use components and services for interacting with and building smart apps on top of knowledge graphs.

Customer Reference at AWS re:Invent
Siemens and metaphacts are among the first Amazon Neptune users and show several use cases for enterprise knowledge graphs using the new service and metaphactory.

In a joint presentation on Friday Dec 1, Siemens and metaphacts provided details on how they use Amazon Neptune, standalone graph stores, and the metaphactory platform to drive use cases for enterprise knowledge graphs. Leveraging this combined solution, Siemens powers an intelligent knowledge hub combining structured and unstructured data from different sources and business units in a unified data space. This knowledge hub can also be used as a smart knowledge factory generating new knowledge.

"We are looking forward to investigate Amazon Neptune in depth and we are glad to have a partner in metaphacts which understands our data management needs and has supported us in driving knowledge graph use cases for our business and for our customers", says Thomas Hubauer, Portfolio Project Manager for Knowledge Graph & Semantics at Siemens Corporate Technology.

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